Stay informed, exercise your right to vote.

We’ve answered your frequently asked questions to help you be a more informed voter. You can also learn about your Representatives or how to make your voice heard at the Arizona legislature through the Request to Speak system. Go beyond voting, learn to write letters comment on bills through Civic Engagement Beyond Voting (CEBV).

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I register to Vote?Service Arizona
Who are my elected officials?Find out who represents you
How can I sign a petition?Sign Candidate Petitions
How can I vote by mail?Get your ballot by mail
How do I verify that I can vote early?AEVL Status
How do I check the status of my ballot?Text and email subscription
Where’s my polling place?Polling Place Locator
What district and precinct am I in?District Locator
When is the next election?Election Calendar
How do I verify that I can vote?Check your ballot status
How do I access my voter ID card?View your voter ID card
Where can I see campaign finance reports?Campaign finance documents

More Resources

Maricopa County Recorder Logo

Maricopa County Recorders Office

The Maricopa County Recorder’s Office helps residents in the nation’s fastest-growing county exercise their right to vote by administering elections for cities, towns, school districts, and special districts. Stay informed. Make a Plan. Vote. Learn More.

Citizens Clean Election Logo

Arizona Clean Elections

The Citizens Clean Elections Act, passed by voters in 1998, is administered by a five-member, non-partisan Commission. The Act established a system for voter education, clean funding for candidate campaigns, and campaign finance enforcement. The purpose of the Act is to restore citizen participation and confidence in our political system, improve the integrity of the Arizona State government and promote freedom of speech under the U.S. and Arizona Constitutions. Learn More.

Arizona Secretary of State Logo

Arizona Secretary of State

The Secretary of State serves as the chief election officer in the state of Arizona, which includes oversight of campaign finance for statewide and legislative candidates, verifying initiatives and referenda for the ballot, and certifying the official results of each election. Learn More.

City of Chandler Logo

City of Chandler Voter Information

City of Chandler Election and Voter Information. Learn More.

Town of Gilbert Logo

Town of Gilbert Voter Information

Town of Gilbert Election and Voter Information. Learn More.

Civic Engagement Beyond Voting logo

Civic Engagement Beyond Voting is a grassroots nonpartisan organization working to empower Arizona residents to exercise their voices at the state level, and the only Indivisible group in Arizona that is 100% focused on the state legislature. Learn More.