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AZ Legislature Candidates (LD13)

IMPORTANT: Each of the 30 Legislative Districts in AZ elects one Senator and two Representatives to the AZ State Legislature every 2 years. LD13 is only running one Representative this year. This is STRATEGIC. Our battleground district has more registered Republicans than Democrats (we’re working on that). Therefore, by only running one House candidate, we increase the odds that a Democrat will be one of the two House candidates that receive the most votes (with the other being a Republican). We are asking that you ONLY vote for Rep. Pawlik and Cindy Hans, leaving your other House vote blank

Representative Jennifer Pawlik is our current state representative in Legislative District 13 (formerly 17). She is a native Arizonan and attended Arizona schools from kindergarten through college. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from Northern Arizona University and then earned a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction. She has taught for twenty years, nine of which were in the Chandler Unified School District. Jennifer teaches undergraduate students in the College of Education at Northern Arizona University, Chandler-Gilbert Community College campus.

Cindy Hans is a former teacher, principal, and community volunteer, with experience as an election worker, Deputy Registrar, advocate for Save Our Schools, and organizer for the Stop Dark Money campaign. Cindy is also an active member of the League of Women Voters.

Maricopa County Candidates

Julie Gunnigle is running for the Maricopa County Attorney seat vacated by Allister Adel in 2022 and currently held by former Chief Deputy County Attorney Rachel Mitchell.

Ms Gunnigle was born and raised in Maricopa County, just around the corner from where she lives today with her husband and children. Her mother was a teacher and instilled in her a passion for serving the community. As the mother of three children, one with special needs, Julie has spent her life fighting to deliver justice and results for those who deserve to be heard.

In 2020, she ran for this seat losing by just 1.5 percent out of nearly 1.9 million votes cast. Since 2020, she has continued to show up for the people of Maricopa County working tirelessly to bring justice to the most vulnerable in our community – child victims of sexual abuse, elderly people mistreated in assisted living, wrongly evicted families and women escaping domestic violence to name a few. She worked as the Political Director of AZ NORML, ensuring that as many Arizonans as possible have their records expunged after the passage of Prop. 207 and the legalization of recreational cannabis in Arizona. Julie also served as Director for the Poor People’s Campaign seeking justice for the needy.

Julie Gunnigle is running for Maricopa County Attorney to protect the rights of everyone in our community and finally stop the decades-long tradition of corruption, backlogs and ineffectiveness in the office. She knows Maricopa County taxpayers deserve transparency, fiscal responsibility and real justice, not just another apologist for the status quo.

Jennifer Jermaine is a two term AZ House Representative for Legislative District 18. Her current term ends on January 9, 2023. She is running unopposed for San Marcos Justice of the Peace, one of the 25 Maricopa County Justice Courts that handles tickets for DUI and misdemeanors. The San Marcos District Court has jurisdiction in Chandler.

In the House, Jennifer serves on the Government Committee and the Military and Veterans Affairs Committee. She also chairs the investigative committee for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. 

Representative Jermaine earned a master’s degree in public administration and nonprofit administration from Arizona State University in 2014.

State Candidates

Born and raised right here in the Grand Canyon State, Katie Hobbs has dedicated her life to listening to her community and helping solve difficult challenges for the people of Arizona. A fearless advocate for Arizona, Katie is ready to bring transparency and accountability to the governor’s office and deliver real results for all of us.

Adrian Fontes is a proud Arizona native, an honorable veteran of the United States Marine Corps, and the father of three daughters, who has spent a lifetime fighting for justice and defending our Democracy.

Adrian served on active duty from 1992 to 1996, and was nominated for a meritorious commission. His service to our country taught him the importance of dedication, discipline, and sacrifice to forcefully fight for the American dream.

After graduating from law school, Adrian spent his career advocating for justice and fighting for those who are disadvantaged — first as a prosecutor with the Denver District Attorney and then at the Maricopa County Attorney’s office. He later led the International Prosecution Unit at the Arizona Attorney General’s Office. He practiced law for 15 years before running for office in 2016 when he was elected Maricopa County Recorder.

As Recorder, Adrian revolutionized the election system by ensuring that every eligible Arizonan had the access they needed to vote. Adrian enhanced ballot tracking technology and increased process transparency, winning recognition and awards from election organizations across the country.

During her time as an Arizona Corporation Commissioner from 2003 – 2010, Kris’s leadership helped create tens of thousands of high-paying jobs, saved Arizona consumers billions of dollars, and required utilities to produce more clean energy — including solar, wind and energy efficiency — which saved us money and reduces air pollution. Kris worked to preserve Arizona’s increasingly threatened water resources by overseeing one of the largest expansions of utility water conservation programs in state history. Kris also pushed utilities to stop spending ratepayer money on corporate bonuses and advertising, in an effort to keep rates low. And when a major natural gas company was charging too much in the wintertime, Kris required the company to provide customers rebates and rate reductions.

State Senator Martin Quezada has dedicated his life of public service to fighting for an Arizona that works for all of us, not just a wealthy few. 

Martín was born to working class parents in the Maryvale community of West Phoenix. His mother immigrated from Cananea, Mexico and his father is a 1st Generation Vietnam veteran. 

When elected  he will continue fighting for the people and ensure that the management of Arizona’s taxpayer dollars reflect the values of the people we serve, rather than a few narrow special interests.

Kathy Hoffman was elected Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction in 2018, making her the first educator to lead in the Arizona Department of Education in over 20 years. When she was elected, she knew that she wanted to reimagine what this role meant for our students, teachers, and families. This is not just an administrative position for her, but instead an office that can elevate the voices of our students and be an advocate for our public schools and educators.

Superintendent Hoffman has spent her entire career working in public education, first as a preschool teacher and then as a speech-language pathologist. She began her career in the Vail School District in southern Arizona before joining the Peoria School District. She saw firsthand the problems within our schools and the challenges our students face everyday. Now, as Arizona’s Superintendent of Public Instruction, she is tackling these issues head on. 

Jennifer Pawlik is our current state representative in Legislative District 13 (formerly 17). She is a native Arizonan and attended Arizona schools from kindergarten through college. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from Northern Arizona University and then earned a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction. She has taught for twenty years, nine of which were in the Chandler Unified School District. Jennifer teaches undergraduate students in the College of Education at Northern Arizona University, Chandler-Gilbert Community College campus.

  • Lauren Kuby was a two-term councilmember and former vice mayor of Tempe
  • She is a sustainability scientist at Arizona State University and a recognized national champion for climate action and clean energy
  • Lauren is an advocate for fair, equitable worker protections
  • She championed the creation of the Tempe Family Justice Commission to promote access to just, safe avenues of care for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and sex trafficking
  • As a result of her work with community members, Tempe leads the state in climate action-planning and bold, empathetic justice
  • She served on the board of the nonpartisan Arizona Municipal Water Users Association from 2015 to 2020

Federal Candidates

Mark took office in December 2020 after Arizonans elected him to fill out the remainder of the late Senator John McCain’s term. Taking office during a pandemic, Mark immediately got to work, reaching across the aisle to deliver results that put Arizona first.

As a former Mayor of Phoenix, Greg knows how to get things done and has worked tirelessly to improve the lives of his constituents.

Congressman Stanton flies home every weekend to work in his district. 

There is simply too much work to be done to take any time out of serving the folks who put their trust in him. 

Javier was born in the small migrant farming community of Cashion, Arizona near Phoenix. He grew up working in the agricultural fields of Phoenix. Spanish was his first language.

Javier was raised by two loving and determined women, his single mother and his grandmother. From the time he was young, his mother taught him the values of respect and equality for all. She also imparted in him the idea that education is the great equalizer.

Javier believes that our democracy works when we are informed and involved. As the next Representative of Arizona’s 5th Congressional District, Javier will vote for and propose legislation
to make Roe V Wade the law of the land

Central AZ Water Conservation District Candidates (Vote for 4)

The CAWCD is a multi-county water district (Maricopa, Pima and Pinal counties) formed to manage the Central Arizona Project (CAP) and to repay the federal government for costs of constructing the CAP.  The CAWCD is also responsible for planning and implementing projects to supply its district with water.  It operates the Central Arizona Groundwater Replenishment District (CAGRD) and several recharge facilities.

Alexandra is an attorney with decades of experience working on Arizona’s water challenges. Elected to the CAWCD Board in 2016, she serves as its Secretary and chairs the Groundwater Replenishment District Committee. Her top priority is to emphasize a collaborative approach to water management, which includes conservation, reuse, replenishment, storage, and augmentation.

Ben is an Arizona native and land use attorney with deep roots in Arizona politics and water policy. He has served on the CAWCD Board since 2016. He believes we need strong, thoughtful leaders who can work to assure our vital water supplies will continue to exist for both our immediate needs and for the next 100 years and beyond.

Ylenia was born in Mexico and was raised in Arizona. She was elected to Osborn School Board in 2016 and works as a Business Development Manager for Arizona communities with SOURCE Global, a renewable water technology company. She wants to continue to ensure water security for Arizonans, while also protecting the Colorado River.

James Pederson is an Arizona native, who was the Chairman of the Arizona Democratic Party from 2001 to 2005. Jim understands how critical water policy is for Arizona’s future.

School Board Candidates

Kelli knows the Maricopa County Community College system plays a crucial role in the future success of its students, and in the future of our state’s economy as well. Arizona’s prosperity is dependent on its ability to train its workforce for the jobs of the future. Kelli is dedicated to strengthening the Maricopa Community College system and helping students more readily access their quality, affordable educational opportunities and training programs.  Our future — and theirs — depends on it.  

Laura is an educator who came from industry to make a significant difference in education. She is passionate about supporting learning and achievement for kids, families, the public school system, and communities. She has 27 years of progressively responsible education experience to bring to EVIT. ​

Chandler Unified School District (Vote For 2)

Marilou is a former technology worker turned teacher with 21 years in CUSD classrooms.

Patti is a CUSD Mom and Alum with over two decades of experience working in research and education advancing children’s health.

Gilbert Public Schools

Jill Humpherys is a public education advocate who has served on the Gilbert School Board since December, 2012. 


Judges for the Arizona Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals, and the Maricopa County Superior Court are on the ballot this year. Listed are the judges we do NOT want to retain, based on their records, associations, and ideologies. We would like to retain all of the judges not mentioned here.

NO on William G. Montgomery


  • AZ Supreme Court
  • Ducey appointed
  • Former Republican County Attorney
  • As Attorney General, had a policy of not affording legal assistance to same-sex couples seeking to adopt
  • Member of the right-wing Fereralist Society
NO on Cynthia J. Bailey


  • Court of Appeals, Div 1
  • Brewer/Ducey appointed
  • Supported Trump’s harsh immigration policies
  • Embraces right-wing Federalist Society ideology
NO on Bradley Astrowsky


  • Maricopa County Superior Court
  • Brewer appointed
  • Reprimanded by Commission on Judicial Conduct in 2019 for delaying judgement in a marriage dissolution case.
NO on Rusty D. Crandell


  • Maricopa County Superior Court
  • Ducey appointed
  • Federalist Society
NO on Stephen M. Hopkins


  • Maricopa County Superior Court
  • Ducey appointed
  • Received poor ratings from colleagues
NO on Howard D. Sukenic


  • Maricopa County Superior Court
  • Ducey appointed
  • Received poor ratings from colleagues


These ballot measure recommendations are aligned with those of the Maricopa County Democratic Party. For more information about the AZ propositions, past and present, go to

NO on Prop 128


The “Let’s Remove Voter Protections” proposition. A yes vote supports a constitutional amendment to allow the Arizona State Legislature to amend or repeal voter-approved ballot initiatives if any portion has been declared unconstitutional or illegal by the Arizona Supreme Court or U.S. Supreme Court.

State Rep. Athena Salman (D) says: “It’s a very sneaky way to undermine the Voter Protection Act without actually having to repeal the Voter Protection Act.

NO on Prop 129


A yes vote would support a constitutional amendment requiring citizen-initiated ballot measures to be a single subject. This would make it nearly impossible for citizens to get most initiatives onto the ballot.

Joel Edman, executive director of Arizona Advocacy Network says: “The trick is that what qualifies as a single subject is in the eye of the beholder.” 

YES on Prop 130


A yes vote would allow the legislature to set property tax exemption amounts and qualifications (including property tax exemptions for widows and widowers; those with disabilities; disabled veterans; and property used for trade, business, or agriculture).

Neutral on Prop 131


A yes vote would create a Lieutenant Governor, of the same party as the Governor, to be the first in line to become Governor instead of the Secretary of State. This would ensure that the governorship stays with the same party.

Arizona is one of 5 states that does not have a Lieutenant Governor. However, voters in Arizona overwhelmingly rejected similar ballot measures to create a Lieutenant Governor position in 1994 and 2010.

This proposition was sponsored by Republican Sen J.D. Mesnard from our district. MCDP has no official position on this proposition.

NO on Prop 132


A yes vote would change the AZ constitution so that any ballot measure that includes a tax element would require 60% approval from the voters, instead of a simple majority. 

YES on Prop 209


A yes vote would stop predatory medical debt collection by significantly increasing the amount of debt protected from medical debt collectors.

YES on Prop 211


The “Stop Dark Money” proposition. A yes vote would require that persons or entities that make an independent expenditure of $50,000 or more on a statewide campaign or $25,000 or more on a local campaign must disclose the names of the money’s original sources..

YES on Prop 308


A yes vote supports allowing non-citizen students to receive in-state college tuition when a student (a) attended school in Arizona for at least two years and (b) graduated from a public school, private school, or homeschool in Arizona.

NO on Prop 309


The “Let’s Make Voting More Difficult” proposition. A yes vote supports making multiple changes to Arizona’s voter ID and mail-in voting policies, including requiring dates of birth and voter identification numbers for mail-in ballots and eliminating the existing two-document alternative to photo ID for in-person voting.

State Rep. Mitzi Epstein (D) says: “This is barrier, after hoop, after lava pit, after problem, after more barriers. This is voter suppression”

YES on Prop 310


A yes vote supports creating a 0.1% stales tax for 20 years to provide funding for the state’s fire districts.